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Version Status Date Updated Updated By
710 Unknown N/A N/A
810 Working 5th May 2010 b4rney
1004 Working 29th Jan 2012 pedplar
1204 Unknown N/A N/A
Usage Information


Excellent media director with audio over hdmi, 1080p resolution and vdpau graphics acceleration.


It appears that there are and least 2 versions of the R1600. The European version comes with a wifi card built in. If yours has a wifi card you will need to blacklist the driver before the boot process will complete (see below). Two versions - one from Amazon, one from Newegg - did not come with wireless cards and one shipped with a WD hdd (Amazon) and the other a Hitachi (Newegg). Both hdds are 5400 rpm, 160gb drives.


1) This website:

 ht tp://

says that the R1600 can take up to 1GB of ram, I took the ram out of one of my boxes and put it in the other, it POSTed just fine, I got into the bios and the full 2048 MB of ram was available. This 1GB limit must apply to a different model.

2) In both of my revos there is an empty minipcie port. Not sure what all you can put in this, but presumably at least a wifi card based on what's available in the European models.

3) The keyboard that comes with the motherboard has rewind, stop, play/pause and fastforward buttons on F8 through F11. These do as expected. The volume up, down, mute, etc. buttons do not work out of the box at the present moment (Oct 20, 2009).

810 Configuration Steps

I rebuilt my machine and as of Jan 10, 2010, here are my configuration steps.

I installed the core and ran the CreateTBZ command (as found in the 810 setup pages) and started the revo.

If you have the wifi adapter version of the revo you will need to add 'blacklist ath_pci' to the moons blacklist file. Be sure to modify according to your setup: /usr/pluto/diskless/##/etc/modprobe.d/blacklist

After letting it download and configure as needed, I pressed "1" on the keyboard and saw the AV Wizard appear on my LCD TV (running HDMI from the revo to the TV). I used DVI/HDMI and 1080p at 60Hz as my settings and completed the wizard as applicable to my setup.

(Added by b4rney:- Choose HDMI-2 in the wizard. N.B. If I left the vga cable plugged in the revo only used the vga output ... so unplug it!)

I left the revo to configure overnight and came to it in the AM with a black screen and mouse cursor. I was able to "Alt + F6" to get a terminal window, but was not able to login with the credentials I setup during the core setup or with root.

I sshed into the revo and did an "apt-get update" and saw that some of the public keys were not available. So I added them:

wget -q ht tp:// -O- | sudo apt-key add -
wget ht tp:// && sudo apt-key add ubuntu-repos.key

With this then I did another "apt-get update" and then an "apt-get dist-upgrade" and some of the packages needed to be downgraded. I accepted the downgrade and let the process finish. Afterwards I was prompted with a "you may want to run 'apt-get -f install' as that some of the packages have unmet dependencies. I ran the command and "linux-image-2.6.27-16-generic" was installed and it automatically ran DKMS and reconfigured the nvidia 195 drivers and various other packages including MythTV. To verify that everything was in order, I reran "apt-get update" and "apt-get dist-upgrade" and nothing needed to be changed, so I rebooted the revo.

On reboot I was prompted to go to and orbiter and reboot the router. I did, and after a non-prompted reboot of the revo the black screen reappeared... All was not lost, after a short while the screen began showing the % of regeneration. The device regenerate fully (10 minutes or so) and then Sarah appeared. I completed the Media Wizard and everything is working great!

I have a Denon receiver connected to this Revo, so I will not look at the below fixes, but when I setup the other one, I will see if the audio is still an issue.


At idle, this using between 16 and 20 watts of power as measured on my Kill-A-Watt.

If playing a DVD from a NAS, the most it increases the power usage by 0.5 to 1 W. This is based on the Kill-A-Watt jumping more frequently to 17W then when at the screensaver.

When off, this uses about 1 watt.

Still need to measure when on live TV.


1) The "mute" button from an orbiter do not mute the sound.

FIX: edit "/etc/modprobe.d/alsa-base" from a terminal and add this: "options snd-hda-intel model=6stack-dig" to the end of the file and save

 nano /etc/modprobe.d/alsa-base.conf
 options snd-hda-intel model=6stack-dig

2) Even when set at 100% in the AVWizard, the volume is still very low when trying to play media.

FIX (maybe): I ran kmixer from the KDE desktop and alsamixer from a terminal- everything was at full, but when playing media the next time the sound was noticeably louder.

3) No sound through HDMI using AV wizard

FIX: ssh into your moon (from a root ssh session on your core):

 ssh linuxmce@

Enter the password. Then log in as root...

 sudo -s

Enter your password. Then ...

 ssh moonxx

replace xx with your moon number and then run alsamixer


And make sure all IEC958 entries are unmuted.Toggle the muting with the m key.


As of Jan 29th 2012 the Revo 1600 is working including HDMI audio. Just need to add the medibuntu plublic key.