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810 Compatible 29th Jan 2011 purps
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Usage Information
Aeon Labs Minimote


Smart looking device, has worked flawlessly as an inclusion remote on my system. Bought mine in the UK; no idea if there is a US version (I daresay there is). Was actually recommended to me over the Tricklestar 200ZW-EU-W.

This is a recommended inclusion controller


If like me you are following the SUC/SIS Mode installation instructions (recommended), when you get to part where the inclusion remote is bought close the USB controller (in order to include it), it's the "Learn" button you need to press.


The Aeon Labs mini remote control can control a variety of Z-Wave compatible devices such as switches, dimmers, window blinds and motion sensors. The device can include and exclude devices, group them and set and release associations. The mini remote only offers four control buttons for scene selection. Behind a slider there are four more buttons for Z-Wave network control. A non-replaceable but rechargeable battery powers the remote control. Recharging is done on a conventional USB bus using the charging cable provided.

Technical Data

  • Wireless behaviour: transmitter
  • Z-Wave type: portable controller
  • Distance: typically up to 30 m in buildings
  • Display: blue and red LED
  • Local operations: 4 push buttons plus four dedicated buttons for network operations
  • Power supply: internal battery, rechargeable via USB