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Android Touch Orbiter


AndroidTouchOrbiter is a touch orbiter port for Android using the lightweight touch orbiter concept based on the proxy orbiter plugin. It uses the same techniques as Web Orbiter 2.0. for the creation of the orbiter itself. The app should work with any Android version 1.5 and beyond The app is available here.


Either push the apk to your phone/device using adb or tools that came with your phone OR Browse to the apk from your phone/device and you should be given the option to install.


After having installed the app you first have to set your preferences. Hit your menu key and go into settings. When inside you have at least to set the server IP (which is the Core IP - default: and the server port of your proxy orbiter. The default values are what should be common for most people but you might want to double check your port number - it is set as part of the device data for the proxy orbiter (use linuxMCE admin). Additionally you may want to adjust the polling time for the ANYNEWS check. This is the gap between calls to the server to check if the screen has changed.


Please note, this is not a full Orbiter with media playback capabilities. It only has the same remote control features as the WebOrbiter 2.0.