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Warning: use of these instruction may harm your computer/s or data. Use them at your own risk. etc.etc...

This page is intended to address some of the more frustrating stumbling blocks to just getting LMCE to work damn it because the wife is a nag nag nagging away. Feel free to edit add and/or change improve or correct this page at anytime after all it is a wiki.


lmce 8.10beta as of aug 2010 is at best a bit touchy, but this leads us to the first rule of installing 8.10beta for noobs and that is

Rule #1 Hands off mister!!! Thats right your dual core 3.8Ghz dual channel interleaved 4gb ram beasty is busy so walk away and come back later you'll be happy you did.

**noob tip: on the core ctrl+Alt+F1 ,log in and run "top" at the top right you'll see load,
if it goes above 5 on a dual core, its too busy for you go away.

Rule #2 Never delete any of the MDs from the admin web site media director page. lmce will go ape shit i'm sure the devs know about this and hate it very very much, just learn not to eff up everything and you will be fine.

Orbiters - Humans best friend

    • Whats the ip address of my orbiter:

stub - admin webpage guide

stub - orbiter page

  • Gaining root on an orbiter:


sudo su

ssh ipaddressoforbitor

    • Why can't I control the sound volume?

stub - hmm why can't I control the volume intel bug

MythTV Work arounds

    • Deinterlace filter Hell (defaults to bob(2x)):

    • LMCE didn't find my crappy old analog tuner card X

Don't worry this is normal for old hardware just finish the setup wizard and on each machine with a tuner:

  • more -> Computing -> Mythtv setup: and add your card from here

    • MythBackend Recorders (sound capture will not retain settings)

This has more to do with lmce setting the capture to the first mic it finds on start up.. So just forget about using the fancy internal cd input or, using the line in, and just plug the silly phono jack from the card to the mic. It will save you from to much nagging while still allowing you time to really fix it latter.

stub - Link to real fix using alsactl

    • Guide data

stub - see zap2xml

stub - see mc2xml

stub - mythfilldatabase