Blu-Ray Disc and/or DVD-Player with RS-232

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Controlling AV equipment via IR is at best tedious. Controlling devices via a cabled RS-232 connection is much safer. This page is meant as a pooling place for BluRay player with RS-232 ports. It does not mean, there is plug and play support for the device, nor is this some kind of endorsement for the listed products.

Denon 2010

The manual has details on the codes

Denon 3910 (DVD Player)

The US site has details on the codes.

Denon 4010

The manual details the codes. It also supports control via Telnet, as outlined here.

Marantz BD 7004

This manual documents the codes (in pdf and xls format)

Oppo BDP-83

This manual documents the codes.

Pioneer BDP-LX52 (US model: 23FD)

The LX52 is using the same codes as the LX91, according to information AVS forum manual for the US models.

Pioneer BDP-LX91

The manual has details on the codes.


According to the Sony homepage, the RS-232 connection can not be used in Europe.

Yamaha BD-S2900

The RS-232 codes.

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