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This article is a stub and requires expansion

Diskless Media Director: I had a heck of a time getting this to work, being that I am a noice linux user, so I figured I will try to make a real "layman's guide" to get this to work.

With the VIA CX700M and like graphics chips, apparently they need proprietary drivers that are not bundled with LinuxMCE. At least not the ones necessary for the current version (LinuxMCE 0710), so we have to add it to the specific media director.

at your Core's console type (sudo yourself first);

chroot /usr/pluto/diskless/NN passwd <return>

    • Where NN is the device number for the MD you are working on. Everything else in the command above is literal. You will be asked to set the root password for the moonNN - enter and confirm the password of your choice. now you can do the line below from the console (assuming the MD in question is booted)

ssh root@moonNN <return> **NN is the device number of the MD

---(ref 1)

will finish this after I get back.

credits: totallymaxed 1 Forum Link