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This is a GSD/Ruby project aimed at making interfacing with advanced Generic Serial Devices easier.

The goals of this project are:

To 'handle' messaging between DCE and GSD for you in a threaded manner. To allow multiple commands to be executed WHILE waiting for responses.

I use many terms throughout my code:

  • GSD (Generic Serial Device)
  • DCE (Data Commands Events aka dcerouter)
  • 'Command' is the creation of a message from one source to the other. (either DCE to GSD or GSD to DCE)
  • 'Response' is the response from the other device (if any)

Key Notes

  • Both GSD and DCE can send and receive data.
  • Both GSD and DCE can create a 'Command'

  • Both GSD and DCE can respond to a previous command with a 'Response'
  • A Command may or may not require a Response.
  • One Command can 'Accept' multiple responses.
  • One Command can Spawn a new Command

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