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Usage Information

About this device

  • 350MHz Freescale iMX21 MC94MX21DVKN3 ARM9 controller
  • Samsung 64MB SDRAM on 32-bit data path
  • Hynix HY27US 64MB NAND Flash ROM
  • Three USB 2.0 full speed ports, one internal, two external
  • Xterasys 3135G 802.11g USB Wifi adapter (ralink chipset)
  • DataImage 320hx240v 16bpp TFT display with touchscreen
  • Texas Instruments TSC2100 Programmable Touchscreen Controller with Stereo DAC
  • 2W stereo speakers, with headphone jack
  • Built-in microphone
  • "Bend" switch
  • Kionix KXP74-1050 3-axis accelerometer
  • STMicroelectronics STR711FR0/1 ARM7 "crypto" processor
  • Soft-switch on power, controlled by crypto processor
  • TTL serial port @38400 8N1

If you have one of these please see ChumbyOrbiter to see how to get it working as an Orbiter.