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Usage Information
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Go to Web Admin then click on A/V Equipment Click "Add Device" at the bottom of the page Select "Motorola" from the Manufacturer drop down menu and "Cable Box < AV" from the Device Category drop down menu. Click "Apply Filter" then Click "Add Device Template"

A page will open- select the applicable options as they appear. This devices uses 3 fixed digits and pressing enter automatically changes to that entered channel. This only exports LiveTV, there is only (1) power button for both on and off and no DSP modes.

Select "Pronto Codeset - 0303" and close out of the windows using the "Close" button, not by click X or alt+f4, etc.

Next, go through the setup wizard and direct Sara to where you have the export of the DCT700 connected to an input on your LMCE setup. I have a Hauppauge PVR-150 and have the coax export from the cable box connected to the coax input on my PVR-150. I told Sara to use the antenna port of my PVR.

You may need to reload and regen your orbiter(s) to get a button placed under your media menu from the home UI screen. I called my cable box a DCT 700, so under my media menn, I have "LiveTV DCT 700" listed as an option- this is what I use to watch TV.

Now, if you want to be able to control the device, e.g. using a USB-UIRT- you need to first follow those directions to install that device. For me, I just had to plug in the USB-UIRT and the correct template was installed and configured. I then had to go to the web admin pages and under "A/V Equipment" under the "Devices", I found my DCT 700 and then selected the correct "COM Port on PC" that corresponded to the location of my USB-UIRT. A reload/regen later, and I am now able to control the DCT 700 from an orbiter.


The IR codes for use with the DCT 700's remote:

power  2102504100C4 2102504100C4
up  230A140051F1 230A140051F1
left  230A000051E5 230A000051E5
ok  2308040014E4 2308040014E4
right  230A100051F4 230A100051F4
down  230A000051E5 230A000051E5
volup  2102101000C4 2102101000C4
voldn  2102104000C4 2102104000C4
chup  230A150050E1 230A150050E1
chdown  230A010010F1 230A010010F1
mute  2102100400C4 2102100400C4
1  2308100000E4 2308100000E4
2  2308040000F5 2308040000F5
3  2308150000E1 2308150000E1
4  2308010040F1 2308010040F1
5  2308010040F1 2308010040F1
6  230A050040F4 230A050040F4
7  230A140040E0 230A140040E0
8  230A000050F0 230A000050F0
9  230A100050E4 230A100050E4
0  2308000000F0 2308000000F0
guide  2308150011F0 2308150011F0