Danfoss RA Plus-w

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Usage Information
Danfoss RA-PLUS-w ZWave radiator thermostat


initial support is included in the svn. Will be shipped in the next stable release (0810). Requires SIS mode for full plug and play operation (you need a recent Z-Wave portable controller that can work as inclusion controller in sis mode like the Tricklestar_200ZW-US-W).


RA Plus-w is a programmable ZWave radiator thermostat, that gives the possiblity to decrease the room temperature with about 3 degrees in chosen periods of the day.


  • By decreasing the temperature in periods of the day the energy used for heating can be reduced without compromising on the comfort.
  • The thermostat communicates through the wireless Z-Wave standard just like other devices.
  • The thermostat is secured against frost.

Device setup

General information

  • Supported wake up interval: 5 - 30 minutes
  • Clock adjustement: every 30 minutes

Day/Night button

  • 1x short press: toggle between comfort and setback operation
  • 3x short press: network inclusion and exclusion
  • 1x long press (5 seconds): link test

Reset button

Remove the motor unit with the two release buttons from the thermostat to access the reset button. It's aside the sticker on right.

  • 1x press: factory reset, also resets home/node id

LED status feedback

  • Fast blink: inclusion/exclusion/waiting for wakeup interval configuration
  • LED is lit: link test
  • Slow blink: operation failed
  • Short flash every 15s: battery low


Remove the motor when changing batteries, the device won't detect the change otherwise.