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The source code and all the files necessary to install LinuxMCE are available for download on various mirrors. This page provides instructions for downloads.

Since this wiki page is editable we can not keep the md5sums here without the risk of tampering. To ensure you have the right one, verify it on the front page of the release announcement.
It is a good idea to use md5sum and the checksums to verify your download is not corrupted.

Please use the Bit Torrent downloads wherever possible, to ensure a clean, uncorrupted download, and then leave it seeding as long as possible. Important: Always burn the DVDs at the slowest possible speed your drive supports ... this is critical! Faster speeds regularly cause corruptions on the burn which will be fatal to your install.

What version to choose?

Although LinuxMCE 0810 is the latest official release, its development and features haven't been touched for a number of years. Currently all development is done in LinuxMCE 1004.
Even if there are some issues (LinuxMCE 1004 is still a Beta), it is recommended for most users to download and install the latest LinuxMCE 1004 DVD snapshot image.
Latest snapshot DVDs can be found at

Download locations

You can download from one of the mirrors or torrents here.

The latest releases are always under IPTP Release dir.

Follow the steps laid out on the install page, and be sure to check out the Snapshot overview before downloading the latest snapshot DVDs.

Purchase a CD or DVD

LinuxMCE media can be purchased online for users who can't download or burn media.

Upgrade from LinuxMCE 1.0 or Pluto

You can upgrade from a previous installation of LinuxMCE or Pluto. Please see Backup and Restore.

Source code

Instructions on getting the source code and compiling it are located on Building From Source page.


Please indicate on the forums if the installation went well so we know what needs fixing.


For installation instructions, go to Installing LinuxMCE.