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Edit WARNING the usb version cannot be made to work at present, it is NOT a serial device...work has started on a proper driver, but no eta as yet.

The Serial Rs232 version should work as a gsd.

                                      "maybeoneday  17th Jan 2012"

0810b2 0710

To quote from www.dusky-control.com[1]:

"Dusky Control are the leading suppliers of controllers to allow Sky digiboxes to be controlled from PCs and home automation systems.

Our controllers allow you to control:

   * standard Sky digibox
   * Sky+
   * Sky HD
   * Foxtel iQ models DC460 and DS460 (but not model 480 and not Foxtel iQ2)
   * Foxtel Pace 420 

The range includes units that can be controlled both from both USB or RS232 connections. Controllers are available that can control one, two or more satellite receivers.

The controllers all attach to the RF2 port on the satellite receiver and send commands to it using the same protocol that the sky 'magic eye' / tvlink devices use. This means there is no infra-red communication, making our controllers very easy to install, fast and 100% reliable"

The above says it all really ,I believe they are used by CHT[[2]] in their Dianemo/Cascade systems, works well with mythtv (via external channel changing script) under LMCE 0810 b2. 0710.......NO TEMPLATES REQUIRED

SHOULD also work using sat box as a live feed as in


All instructions are within software,[4]


Make sure sat box is configured for voltage, and output res, also scart control on/off if required. ...details within package/website

sudo apt-get install libusb-dev

download and extract software

cd cmdline-linux
sudo make
sudo make install

add "/usr/local/bin/sky-control --output 1 --sky+ --channel " to myth backend setup ie.


(change according to your hardware)