Duwi-duw 064459

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Controls a variety of Z-Wave compatible devices such as switches, lights, window blinds and motion sensors. Manage up to 7 groups and 3 different scenes. Include, exclude, group & assign devices to scenes.

Add as inclusion controller in LMCE

This device can be added as inclusion controller and remote controller in your existing Z-Wave. Read http://wiki.linuxmce.org/index.php/Zwave for more information. To add this device to your network log in to your web admin. Under device-tree choose your Z-Wave node. Click on "Send command to device" and choose Add Node from the dropdown. Click SEND. Or if you have a device that allows direct inclusion such as the Aeon labs Z-Stick, you can put that device into include mode first and then follow the steps below:-

On your remote, slide open the battery compartment and you will see 4 small white buttons. Hold down the "Include" button for 2 seconds and the led on the front of the controller will start to flash green. A successful inclusion will be indicated by the led staying green for a couple of seconds.