EIB/KNX Hardware Installation

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Usage Information

Electrical installation

Installing EIB/KNX hardware should be performed only by licensed electricians, as he will be working with the electrical system in your home or apartment and take care of proper lightning protection.

Outside of this, please follow the instructions that came with your EIB/KNX hardware or consult a licensed electrician to install it for you.

Running ETS3 via eibd

Select KNX/IP and press the discover button. It should discover the eibd running on the local network.

Recommended GA structure

Main groups

0 = central (complete building, e.g. for all on/off)

1 = lowest floor (basement)

2 = next floor (ground floor)

3 = ...

4 = Extension/Garage/Garden/..

Functional entities

0 = central for this floor/entity (e.g. all on/off)

1 = lighting

2 = drapes/blinds

3 = heating

4 = appliances

5 = logic


Enumerate starting with the actuators