EasyN FS-603A-M106 IP Camera

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Version Status Date Updated Updated By
710 Unknown N/A N/A
810 Working 30 April 2011 Jamo
1004 Working 2012-08-27 Jamo
1204 Unknown N/A N/A
1404 Unknown N/A N/A
Usage Information


RMI-550wf IPCAMERA thumb.jpg

  • The EasyN FS-603 works with video via wired network
  • Could not get FS-603 to connect to my WPA-2 wi-fi access point. Not sure why - did not try with a non-protected accesspoint.


  • Browser based
  • 10/100mbit LAN
  • Wi-fi
  • IR - day/night
  • 30fps max
  • Supports high speed hardware-based Motion-JPEG compression
  • Supports video resoultion:640x480(VGA),320x240(CIF) and 160x120(QCIF)
  • UPnP, DynDNS
  • Real-Time Live Video

Installation notes

  • technical issue - the camera has a thick cable that comes out of the back plate which then splits into various connectors - s-video, RCA, A reset switch, 12v supply socket and RJ-45 female port. I installed the camera on an external wall of the house and drilled a hole through the double-skin brick wall in order to push the cable through neatly.... problem was the cable (specifically because of the RJ-45 jack) would require a HUGE diameter hole to go through... probably around 40mm. That is a big hole to put in the wall of your house in order to neatly install a camera. I experimented with a number of options but ended up cutting the cable *gasp* and re-soldering and heat-shrinking the individual copper wires on the inside of the wall. Not a great solution but it was done neatly and it works.
  • 12v power supply: the camera comes with a transformer to take 230v AC down to the 12V DC supply required by the camera. I had to install a 230V AC wall socket in my ceiling area in order to plug in the transformer.
  • Wall bracket supplied is not particularly solid, nor or the wall plugs and screws to mount it. Be gentle and careful... it's easier to over-tighten and strip. So far it is still pointing in the right direction despite a few large storms.

EasyN FS-603 Camera and Motion Wrapper

IP cameras can be used under the Motion Wrapper to enable it to detect motion and alert based on that function. I haven't tested or experimented with this feature yet.


  • Video stream URL: http://cameraIP:webserverport/videostream.cgi
  • Followed IP Cameras wiki and it worked flawlessly


  • Good for the price- about ZAR1600 delivered. Very cheap for IP camera
  • Support / manual is horrendous - translation from mandarin or something and no website/forum/tech-support evident
  • web-based setup works OK but lots of features that are probably intended for other models not supported by this one (switch on/off, zoom etc)
  • On maunfacturer website (http://www.easynp.com) it appears product is old / discontinued
  • Purchase source: http://www.securitycameras.co.za/shop/product_info.php?cPath=32&products_id=253