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Usage Information

This page will try to list valid parameters that can be used in the Event Criteria section of advanced Events. Note that there may be differences in the behaviour of "Respond to Events" and "Timed Events". Where nothing is specified, it refers to "Respond to Events"

For integer criteria and event parameters, you can enter a list of values separated by commas to easily check for all of them.

Day of Month

Can take a value from 1-31

Day of Week

Multiple entries can be separated by comma.

Respond to Event

Can take a value from 0-6
0 = Sunday

Timed event

Can take a value from 1-7
1 = Monday

House Mode

Can take a value from 1-6

1 = Unarmed - at home
2 = Armed - away
3 = Armed - at home
4 = Sleeping
5 = Entertaining
6 = Armed - Extended away




The device PK_EventParameter takes it's values from.



Not Implemented




Not working


You can see what parameters each of these Events take by going into web admin, clicking on Advanced > DCE > Events.


This can be an integer


1 = Tripped
0 = Not tripped (this value is important if you use a movement sensor that triggers an event when there has been no movement for a set period of time)





Room Mode

Not implemented

Specific Date

Not working


This allows you to check the state of a device in your event handler. The device state can be seen on the Advanced Pages Devices in the State field. The value in the state field is dependent on what type of device it is, so be sure to check before you make a event parameter.

Some device types have special handling.

If you select a climate or lighting device (since svn 30915), a new drop down will be available where you can select what data you want to compare. For climate devices, On/Off, Mode, Fan, Set Point and Current Temp are available, for lights it is On/Off and Brightness.


Time of Day

Timed Event

24hr based time (eks: 15:00).
Multiple entries can be separated by comma.

Respond to Events

Accepts special values

Or a time given in the
hh:mm or hh:mm:ss format (12:45, 21:22:10 etc).

User Mode