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710 Unknown N/A N/A
810 According to category, Works without caveats 11th May 2010 Wierdbeard65
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Usage Information


Tested with the latest svn Z-Wave driver (will be included in 0810).

Confirmed working with 0810-beta2 using the same procedure as [1]


The Everspring SM103 is a battery powered Z-Wave door/window sensor. It uses a frequency of 868MHz. There is also a US version.


  • There are two screw terminals on the circuit board, and there are corresponding holes in the side of the sensor module's enclosure for running wires to an external contact or multiple contacts wired in series. These external contacts take the place of the internal reed switch. Any sort of dry contact should do. I had thought the terminals were for external power.
  • Test mode - when the tamper switch on the back is not pressed, the LED on the front will indicate when the reed switch opens and closes. Compressing the tamper switch conserves battery power by not flashing the LED.
  • If the tamper switch is opened after having been closed for 5 seconds, an ALARM_REPORT, type 1, level 17 is sent. If an Everspring module such as the On/Off Module AN135 or Lamp Module AD130 have been associated with the SM103, those modules recognize the level 17 and will flash for 10 seconds.
  • When the magnet is parted or closed from the Detector for 10 seconds, the SM103 will enter the power saving mode.
  • Power saving mode can be disabled by setting parameter 3 to non-zero (max value is 127). Parameter 3 is reset to zero (power saving mode) automatically when the battery is replaced.
  • Parameter 2 is the number of seconds to delay (between 1 and 127) before sending the off command.
  • Parameter 1 is the level for an on command:
    • 0 = Set Device OFF(0x00)
    • 1-99: Set Device On (level 1-99)
    • 100-127: Set Device to the level it was at before it was turned off (0xFF)
  • The SM103 will wake up every 4 hours (default) and resend the Wakeup Notification Command unless configured for another time interval. The SM103 will stay awake for 10 seconds and then go back to sleep to conserve battery life.
  • The Door/Window Detector will stay awake for ten minutes when changing the status of the tamper switch from being pressed to being released or from being released to being pressed to allow time for configuration.
  • Take care when fixing the Detector to a metal frame, or mounting within 1m of metalwork (i.e. radiators, water pipes, etc) as this could affect the radio range of the device. If required, it may be necessary to space the magnet and detector away from the metal surface using a plastic or wooden spacer to achieve the necessary radio range.
  • There was also this note: "After removing batteries, wait for 5 seconds to refit batteries."
  • Waiting 5 seconds may be important. I somehow managed to accidentally reset my HRDS1 to factory default, and I think the reason may be that I was messing around with the battery.



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