Fujitsu B2545

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Version Status Date Updated Updated By
710 Unknown N/A N/A
810 Unknown N/A N/A
1004 Unknown N/A N/A
1204 Unknown N/A N/A
1404 Unknown N/A N/A
Usage Information

Fujitsu B2545 600 MHz processor

This has a touchscreen LCD, and I had it working for one 710 installation, but I was never able to reproduce the results on future installations. When I switched to 810, when trying to configure it as a new MD I got a blue screen with a box that said something to the effect of, "Failed to start X".

From another device, I had to ssh into my MD and run the command:

 sudo dpkg-reconfigure -phigh xserver-xorg

On the next reboot the AVWizard ran as expected.

I will have to try this again on the next reinstall.

As a side note, probably just for me, unless someone else comes across this, I could not log into the MD with any username or password. To fix this, I ran "ssh moonXX" where XX was my device ID. From there I did a "sudo passwd" and set a password for this device.