Gigabyte EG45M-S2H

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710 According to category, Works with caveats 11th May 2010 Wierdbeard65
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Usage Information

This might well work for any other motherboard that uses the same chipset or even the same southbridge for the harddisk controllers.

The most common error is that you'll end up in a BusyBox window with a (initramfs) prompt and that's about it. On this type motherboard I haven't seen the so much reported tty error, actually, there is no error at all.


  • Set the harddisk controller to Legacy IDE mode in your BIOS.
  • When GRUB loads press ESC
  • Edit the 2nd line (the longest line with the word 'quiet' in it)
  • Add the following to the line: all_generic_ide

That's it, Kubuntu/LinuxMCE will boot.

This is only a once-off solution. To make this permanent (once booted) log into the Terminal as root and type:

pico /boot/grub/menu.lst

Scroll all the way down and you'll see 3 entries. 1 normal, 1 recovery mode, 1 safe mode. Edit the 1st of them and add: all_generic_ide to the end of the line that conatins the quiet and splash commands.