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This article shows you how interlink your pages.


The link symbols are the square bracket: [ ]
To link to articles, use the double square brackets: [[ ]].
For URLs, single brackets are used: [ ]
The pipe symbol ( | ) is the separator between the page name and the text to display for internal links.

A link in external link style can be of the forms:

  • target: is rendered as
  • [ target label ], with a blank space in between: [ wikimedia] which gives wikimedia
  • [ target ] - these are automatically labelled with serial numbers 1, 2, 3, ...: [] gives [1]

The target is a URL which can start with "http://" or "ftp://";

"file://" does not work by default. If enabled it only works in MSIE. To enable it, add a $wgUrlProtocols entry to LocalSettings.php; see the $wgUrlProtocols in DefaultSettings.php for example.

How to create hyperlinks

You can use the Internal Link button from the Edit Toolbar to insert a link on the page.
To manualy create a link, enclose the URL within square brackets ( [[ ]] ).
  • To link to a page on the wiki, use "[[Page_Name]] "
  • Use " [URL Text to display]" for external links.

Linking to a page

Based on a URL

[http://location/url Text to display]
WikiURL on this site is {{SERVER}}/Joomla/components/com_joomlawiki/index.php/

See more on wikipedia.

Within this wiki


Linking to a heading on a page


Within this wiki

[[Target page#Target section|display text]] 
[[Namespace:Article#heading|display text]]

On the same page

The variables construct that refer to the page is {{NAMESPACE}}:{{PAGENAME}}.
The # pound sign is the section tag. #On the same page would link to this section when you insert it on this page.


The fully qualified path is


Linking to the table of contents


Linking to a category

Place a colon before the keyword Category

 [[:Category:Category_name|Display text]]

Liking to a special page

Special pages can be opened with {{Special:PageName}}.

See list of SpecialPages: Special:SpecialPages