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Usage Information

This security panel is fully supported via the VistaICM from In2 Networks.

Note: The VistaICM has been discontinued. As of April 2010, a replacement is not available. [1]

Configuration with MCE Instructions

This instruction set assumes that the VistaICM module has been installed into security panel and is cabled into the MCE network. Also, it's critical that all zones and sensor information is documented as it's hooked up to your security panel. It's also critical that the user pin in MCE web admin matches the alarm code for that user.

WebAdmin page setup:

Panel Configuration

1. Go to Wizard>Devices>Interfaces

2. Click Add Device, then select the VistaICM2 template

3. Put in your password for your alarm panel and the IP address of the panel (not necessary to add the MAC address) and click Update

Sensor and Zone Configuration

1. Go to Wizard>Devices>Security

2. Click Add Device

3. Add each Sensor device, on each sensor you add set the Port/Channel to the Zone number it is connected to on your security panel (other fields may be ignored). Put in a nice description while you're adding them and you can assign them to rooms if you want.

4. Now scroll to the bottom and click on Security Zones

5. Add a zone for each zone on your panel with a nice description of what is monitored in that zone, these zones will be used by LinuxMCE to notify you when a zone is faulted

6. Pull the dropdown to add each of the sensors to the zone you created for them

7. Perform a reload router and regen on all orbiter devices

Test the system


Go to http://IPAddressofyourICM/setup

Click Devices then you should see a Security node show up, click on that - Verify ECP1 is honeywell_vista and network is In2_Web

Go ahead and put in the model of your security panel under the Device Name for ECP 1 and click next

Go to Configure and click the Security node and verify the device address (I have it set to 18, default was 23 and I have 2 keypads in my home)

Go ahead and click next and finish out

Click advanced>diagnostics and then click the security node then startup select the PDA Web Page as the default web page and submit - make sure allow server control is set to yes and group is set to all groups while you're there.

Test your pin via http://IPAddressofyourICM/ <--- verify it works here - 4 digit password then add a 1 to the end of it for disarming / 3 for armed stay