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Horstmann AS2 RF




The Horstmann ThermoPlus AS2-RF is a wireless room thermostat that has been designed to make its operation very simple for the householder. The built in automatic clock means it will not need setting or adjusting for BST and GMT time changes. The ThermoPlus will provide a Warm temperature setting at times pre-set by you installer and day-to-day user adjustments are carried out using just three buttons. The AS2-RF kit is supplied in two parts. The receiver which is hard wired to the combi or conventional system boiler and the AS2-RF thermostat which can be used in any normal domestic environment within a typical 30 metre range without the need for any costly or disruptive wiring.

The AS2-RF thermostat uses radio frequency technology to communicate wirelessly between the receiver and transmitter. This makes the AS2-RF ideal for fitting in either new or existing systems where additonal wiring cannot be used for either practical or cosmetic reasons. The receiver and AS2-RF use Z-wave technology to communicate, this means it can be used as a stand alone item or added to an existing Z-Wave installation