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Usage Information
UPDATED: 11-MAR-08 Many bugs fixed, X10 fixes...
UPDATED: 13-FEB-08 X10 Support fixed!

UPDATED: 7-FEB-12 Remove instructions on setting up template, use Template 1932

UPDATED: Adding Info for 2412n template In addition to posting plm code changes to enable Venstar Thermostat --Trippleg 00:06, 25 February 2012 (CET)

Here are the steps to create an Insteon PLM Template. This driver is written entirely in Ruby. Please consider this driver complete, and is in Release Candidate 1. I'm sure there are still a few bugs (although we've ironed most of them out now). The more people testing this code, the more bugs we can find, and get this to a release state. Once it's in release state, it will be added to sqlcvs and offered via a 'quick' update.

Supported Devices

This driver supports ONLY the Powerlinc Modem model (PLM)#2412S, #2413S, #2412U and #2413U. The code will NOT work for a model #2414 also known as a Powerlinc CONTROLLER (PLC).

NOTE: I am expecting a PLC to arrive in the mail in the next few days. Support for that device will be sooner than later.

  • Febuary 2, 2012 - PLC support will NOT be added to this driver -Aviator
  • Febuary 3, 2012 - Thanks to the work of trippleg, we now have support for the 2412N as well. -Aviator

This driver now supports the Smartlinc 2412N as well. Please use template 2197

Simplehomenet's EZBridge/EZServ products will be added once this code is stable. These products are a 'wrapper' for the PLM, and hence, use the same code. Integration will be a matter of adding the 'wrapper' code. (which is done)

Setting up the Template

  • The template is Plug and Play, configuration should have been taken care of for you.

For 2412N

  • Add device -->Template Id 2197 Smartlinc

  • Now, in the COM PORT ON PC, you can select the com port it's on. UPDATE I didn't see any "COM PORT ON PC" field. You wil need to reload the router first, then you see the "COM PORT ON PC" field. 8/9/08 Williammanda

TODO Other than looking on the motherboard for the com port label and guess and check methods, what else can be done to identify the correct com port?

  • select Update (at the bottom)

You are Done!

Next Steps

go to Running the Insteon PLM Driver for the First Time