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Instructions to flash and configure the joggler using a DT. Source files can be found in the ticket 2142

Flashing the Joggler

Get the reflash image from

figure out which device your usb stick is (sudo fdisk -l). Then unmount it and flash the reflash image to it (replace X):

   sudo umount /dev/sdX*
   gzip -dc joggler_reflash_<version>.img.gz | sudo dd of=/dev/sdX bs=1M

get the right (internal memory) image and md5 sum from and put it on the usb stick in the reflash directory.

Boot the joggler with the usb stick plugged in and follow the instructions.

After the installation is done boot the joggler and configure the network (either select wired and reboot or configure wireless with your network info).

Setting up LinuxMCE

Extract the configuration files into /usr/pluto/bin and make sure the is executable: sudo chmod u+x /usr/pluto/bin/

Next add a new template via Advanced > Configuration > Device Templates:

   Manufacturer: Pluto
   Device Category: Computers - Mobile Internet Devices #108

and press 'Add device template'

Give it a name and press 'Add'. As the 'Configuration script' add:

Add device data:

   #2 Path(string) 'home dir' '/home/joggler'
   #127 Username(string) 'username to log on to the device' 'joggler'
   #128 Password(string) 'password to log in on the device' 'joggler'
   #139 Extra Parameters(string) '# useClock=1
   # useDimMonitor=1
   # brightHour=7:30
   # dimHour=20:00
   # brightness=30
   # dimbrightness=10
   # offbrightness=0
   # dimdelay=60
   # has to be set as:
   # 1|1|7:30|20:00|30|10|0|60'

Add Device Template Related:

   #58     SqueezeBox Player   My Child    Extra   186|PC SqueezePlayer
   #62     OnScreen Orbiter    My Child    Extra   186|PC Orbiter|100|800|101|480|25|19

Save it.

Adding the Device

In the LinuxMCE web admin goto Advanced > Network > DHCP leases. Find the new entry (probably showing as Openframe, Openpeak, or joggler or so) and copy it's IP Address.

Goto Advanced > Configuration > Devices and press 'Add a top level device' paste the IP address and press 'Pick Device Template' to select the device template you created.

This should start the installation. Currently there is a bug so the installation script does not get started ticket 2131 so you have to run it manually like (pass the device instance ID of the device you just created and the IP address:

/usr/pluto/bin/ -d deviceID -i IPAddress