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This page introduces you to the different components of a LinuxMCE system and what you can do with them.

The LinuxMCE system

See User Manual#The LinuxMCE system section: {{#lsth:User Manual|The LinuxMCE system}}

What can I do with LinuxMCE?

{{#lsth:What can I do with LinuxMCE?}}

See Tutorials Category for more.

Building a new Home around LinuxMCE

Linux MCE is the ultimate smart home. With proper planning, a new construction home can integrate LinuxMCE as the brains of the house.

In the past, a Home Entertainment Center would house a Home Theater PC. With LinuxMCE, the Core server and all communications hubs can be kept in a separate area. This makes home construction easier, allows centralization of data services, and allows for updating the home automation and multimedia system without altering the Home Entertainment Center in your living room.

More about Home Construction using LinuxMCE