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How do I get it?

If you have a Linux based Media Director, go to the page in your LinuxMCE Admin Website--> Wizard-->Devices-->Media Directors and check the box to add Xine. This will add both the stock Xine player (which we did not modify) and our LinuxMCE Xine DCE Device (which handles passing DCE commands/events to Xine.) Xine will then become fully integrated into LinuxMCE and controllable from any Orbiter.

There are actually 2 DCE Devices:

  • Xine Plug-in, which runs within the DCERouter's memory space as a plug-in coordinating all the activities of all the Xine Players
  • Xine Player, which runs on each Media Director and handles the actual communication with the Xine software.

LinuxMCE Xine Player Audio Settings