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This article is a stub and requires expansion

The purpose of this page is to sumarise the currently supported / tested Mainboards. This is intended to allow a quick comparison for those who are not neccessarily familiar with all the available models.

Please get involved and update as appropriate!

Model Make / Manufacturer Processor Family Socket # PCI # PCIe # SATA # USB Graphics Sound 710 810
M3N78-EM ASUS AMD AM2/2+ 2 1 6 (5int) Lots Nvidia 8 Series Realtek® ALC1200 Hybrid Hybrid
GF8200-C-E ZOTAC AMD AM2/2+ 0 1 4 6+4 Nvidia 8 Series  ? MD


Status Meaning
Unsupported No work has yet been done on this version
Core Suitable for use as a core, but not as a Media Director or Hybrid
MD Suitable for use as an MD, but not as a Core or Hybrid
Hybrid Suitable for use in a Hybrid (and, by extension as a Core or MD, although may be overkill!)