Make things happen at set times or intervals

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How to set it up

In LinuxMCE admin, choose wizard, events, timed events. Give your event handler a description, like "7 a.m. wake-up call", and then choose the type of timed event that most closely matches what you want, and click add. Then add all the commands that you want to occur at that time.

The event Wizard gives you very basic event control, but without requiring any programming or technical skills. Click the advanced link if you want to program a sophisticated event handler using the embedded ruby language interpreter. The snippet of code will be executed whenever the event is triggered. This way you can create a very sophisticated event,such as "start watering the lawn at 7 a.m. only if there has been no rain in the last 24 hours and the weather report indicates a clear day".

How to use it


Programmer's guide