Media Player Requirements

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The following details what a media player should be capable off.


Every media player must allow to Start, Stop, and Pause media.

  • QMediaPlayer Supports basic functionality on Linux, Android, OS X, iOS


A media player should implement fast forward/reverse, timecode emission and bookmarking

  • qMediaPlayer on all platforms implements a draggable seek bar in place of FF/RW, and timecode emission via socket.
    • Experimental live thumbnail display in development

Nice to haves

The ability to select different subtitles, audio tracks, chapter lists, is a nice to have for a media player.

The pinnacle

A player that supports synced playback across rooms is the master of them all.

Name Subtitles Audio Tracks Supports Chapters Seek Support Timecode Zoom Support Aspect Support
Xine Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Vlc  ?  ?  ?  ?  ?  ?  ?
QMediaPlayer no no no yes yes yes no
SqueezeBox no  ? no yes yes no no
OMXPlayer yes yes yes yes yes yes yes