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This wiki page is editable so users can add additional mirrors. If you would like to mirror LinuxMCE, please contact danielk@cuymedia.net. He will give you rsync access to the linuxmce.org servers so you can automatically download the releases ahead of time.

The latest snapshot DVDs can be found at http://linuxmce.iptp.org/snapshots/
Release notes can be found at Category:LinuxMCE Releases

Current recommended download

The current recommended download is:

Looking to help out?  We need people to test snapshots and update information for users.  Contact us to help out!

LMCE-1204-20140311212428804.iso 12-Mar-2014 00:37 VM Hardware
Audio ???? PASS
Video - Stored media / DVD Playback ???? PASS
Diskless MD creation ???? PASS
MythTV ???? PASS
VDR ???? ????
Online Services ???? PASS
Automation - Insteon ???? ????
Automation - X10 ???? ????
Automation - Zwave ???? ????
Networking ???? PASS
Security ???? ????
Telecom ???? ????

LinuxMCE 1004

Although LinuxMCE 0810 is the latest official release, its development and features haven't been touched for a number of years. Currently all development is done in LinuxMCE 1004.
Even if there are some issues (LinuxMCE 1004 is still a Beta), it is recommended for most users to download and install the latest LinuxMCE 1004 DVD snapshot image.
Latest snapshot DVDs can be found at http://linuxmce.iptp.org/snapshots/

LinuxMCE 0810

A torrentfile for LinuxMCE 8.10 final can be found here: http://www.torrentbox.com/download/1483181/LinuxMCE_8.10_final.iso.torrent

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