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This page is outdated and you should download latest LinuxMCE 0810 DVD snapshot image.
Latest snapshot DVDs can be found at http://linuxmce.iptp.org/snapshots/

LinuxMCE 0710

Before installing, check out the Known issues, and please read the Installation Guide and/or the DVD Installation guide. Installing from DVD is the fastest. Installing from CD .iso images on your hard disk is second fastest (you will need to install Kubuntu 7.10 first), and installing from burned CDs is slowest.

NOTE: Please download from the torrent links rather than the mirrors if possible. You are far less likely to get a corruption that will kill your install.

NOTE: It is a good idea to use md5sum and the checksums to verify your download is not corrupted.

NOTE: It is essential that you burn your CDs and DVDs using the slowest possible speed your burner supports - faster speeds regularly cause corruptions on the burn which will be fatal to your install.

What you have to download

To install LinuxMCE you need to download the DVD (which includes everything needed for the installation) or you can download both LinuxMCE CD's plus a Kubuntu 7.10 CD. You can also choose to download the Dual Layer DVD which includes extra demo media.

Warning: The DVD installation will wipe the entire disk of the machine -- all previous data will be permanently lost! (Note: There is a new "keep settings" option which will preserve data in the home directory for most, but not all, installations. Also, there are instructions on how to use the DVD Install with custom partitions)

LinuxMCE 0710 was released on May 7th, 2008. This is also known as LinuxMCE 0710 RC2.


- To upgrade from a 0710 beta to 0710, you can use "LinuxMCE Install CDs for i386" or "LinuxMCE Install DVD for i386" with "keep settings" option.

- To upgrade from 0704, you can use : a) "LinuxMCE Install CDs for i386 - 0710 RC2" or "LinuxMCE Install DVD for i386 - 0710 RC2" with "keep settings" option or b) the upgrade helper application from gutsy-upgrade-scripts_0.1.0-2_i386.deb and choose to install from web or from DVD (you must have the double layer DVD).

Download locations

NOTE: Please use the Bit Torrent downloads wherever possible, to ensure a clean, uncorrupted download, and then leave it seeding as long as possible. Important: Always burn these DVDs at the slowest possible speed your drive supports ... this is critical!

To get the latest sources, use [svn].

This wiki page is editable so users can add additional mirrors. If you would like to mirror LinuxMCE, please contact danielk@cuymedia.net. He will give you rsync access to the linuxmce.org servers so you can automatically download the releases ahead of time.

Official Torrents:

Please help us seed! Leave your torrent open for as long as possible after your download finishes.

Worldwide (CoBlitz):
Europe (full):
Middle East (full):
Australia (full):
Europe (partial):
USA (partial):

Please see the release announcement on the front page for the md5sums of the files. Since this wiki page is editable we can not keep the md5sums here without the risk of tampering.