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Usage Information
NMediaPC600BA Black.jpg


Purchased from newEgg, more data available on the nMEDIAPC website: http://www.nmediapc.com/htpc600.htm


  • 2×60mm silent case fan; 1×80mm silent HDD fan
  • All-in-One Card Reader (probed as "generic mass storage device" and connected via internal USB)
  • Microsoft Vista Remote - Windows MCE Receiver and Windows MCE Remote (Does not work with LinuxMCE or MythTV)
  • 2× USB 2.0; IEEE 1394; MIC and HeadPhone connectors on the left front of the case
  • S/PDIF output jack
  • Microsoft MCE IR remote rack to install a 2005 MCE remote (could probably be used for many other IR Blasters / transceivers.


Runs quiet. I will probably disconnect the blue power LED and the red HDD LED. Will have to install a new IR transceiver that is compatible with LinuxMCE or just get the Fiire Chief.