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Usage Information
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The Nokia N70 can make a fantastic Pluto Mobile Orbiter. It currently runs the Symbian 60 OS platform, Version 2. The only set-up instructions for this phone require you to be sure that bluetooth is both turned on and the phone is in discover mode for the initial phase of set-up. Bluetooth discovery can then be turned off once the software has been installed.

Setup Instructions

Before you set-up: Please make sure that you have installed a suitable Bluetooth Dongle on at least one Media Director in the house. Make sure you are near this media director as well. You can do the following instructions from either the media director itself, or an orbiter.

Preparing the Phone

  • Turn on Bluetooth, The Phone's bluetooth functionality must always be enabled for the Mobile Orbiter software to function.
    • Press your Phone's menu button, and select Connect
    • Select Bluetooth
    • From the preferences that display. Make sure you are on the first tab, and set Bluetooth to On, and My Phone's Visiblity to Shown To All
    • Make sure that Software Installation is allowed on phone, otherwise you will receive a security error.

Once you've done this, exit all the way back to the telephone display.

Installing the Software

Once the Phone has been enabled, a message should appear on your orbiter asking about the phone it has just discovered. You should select Yes, this phone is a Symbian Series 60 Phone This will send a mail message to your phone with the PlutoMO application.

  • Open the mail you've recieved
  • It will ask you if you wish to install the PlutoMO application. Confirm that you wish to install it.
  • After a few moments of installation, the software will be ready to use, and will be available from inside your "My Own" folder

You should then go to the Symbian Post-Install page to finish installation and make the software easier to access.