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This page was written by Pluto and imported with their permission when LinuxMCE branched off in February, 2007. In general any information should apply to LinuxMCE. However, this page should be edited to reflect changes to LinuxMCE and remove old references to Pluto.

The documentation you are reading on this support web site is contained in the main database (pluto_main) in the table Document. You will have a local copy of the documentation and support website when you setup your LinuxMCE system. The links to forums, downloads and bug reports will just refer back to the main site at, but all the documentation can be viewed on your local system.

Like all the database table, you can make changes locally and then merge them back into our main database using our own sqlCVS program. Click 'activate edit mode' to change the page.

To check your changes back in, choose Advanced, sqlCVS, Checkin from LinuxMCE-admin, and select the 'Document' table.

See the sqlCVS for more information.