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Usage Information

The orbiter fills text variables during run time. This page should give an overview over the variables and their contents. All the variables can be found in the Orbiter.cpp.prep source code, as well as in the source code of the <PVR>_Plugin sources.

Variable Definition

Each time text has to be displayed or used in a designobj or command parameter, this text can be substituted by a variable.

<%= %>

is the way to define a substitution.

Defined Variables

Cell Attributes <%=CA:xxxx%>

Cell attributes are filled by the PVR application and other datagrid filling apps.

Variables starting with CAV return a value of that specific variable. Variables starting with CAT return the text of that specific variable.


Name of channel


Title of current broadcast


Long synopsis of current broadcast


Start time of current broadcast?


Start date of current broadcast?

Now Playing Information


Now Playing - Info about the currently playing media (title)


Now Playing Media Type - Info about the currently playing media type


Now Playing Section - Info about the currently playing section/chapter/track


Now Playing - Current position in track HH:MM:SS


Now Playing - as above plus total time of track


Now Playing - Current speed


Now Playing - The Current Media Player device referenced by device -106.


Now Playing Device Template - The Current Media Player device template referenced by device -106


Now Playing - Screen ID of the remote playing media?


Now Playing - DesignObj ID of the remote popup?


Now Playing - Screen of remote



Local IP address


Router IP address


Ripping Status Information


Last Update Version


Returns 0 if the variable is 1, otherwise a 1 is returned


The device # of the orbiter rendering this instance of this screen.


Current Entertainment Area


Location info of current MD


Operating System


Time - This is not constantly updated but only, when things change


Media Type


Media Type Browse options


Media Browse Private User


Media File Browse Options



return a \t


return a \n


Size of selected device


Default Storage Device for Ripping


Default Storage Device for Ripping Name


Return the current skin


Return the current size


Return the time this screen was generated


Last selected floorplan object


All selected floorplan objects


Selected Telecom Extension


Current Room


Current PK_Users value assigned to this orbiter (The current user using it.)


Current Users Name


Current X coordinate ?!


Current Y coordinate ?!


Difference between last X and new X?


Difference between last Y and new Y?


Last object


ID of current screen


Current object


Current object

GD Variables

Variables starting with GD return the graphical object by that ID. i.e. GD1234 returns graphic 1234?

K Variables

Variables starting with K return the variable by the name following the K. i.e. KSYNOPSIS returns the contents of the variable SYNOPSIS? q: Anyone has a list of these variables?!

A Variables

Variables starting with A return the attributes of the specified attribute????? No idea.

E Variables

If the variable starts with an E it is an extender. i.e. ETIME returns a <%==TIME%>

T Variables

The text corresponding to the ID following the T. i.e. T1234 returns the Text with PK_Text = 1234

V Variables

Return the virtual device by the ID following V, i.e. V1234 returns the virtual device 1234 ???

DD Variables

Return the device data for the orbiter, i.e. DD100 returns the device data with PK = 100

D Variables

Return the name of the Device by the ID following D, i.e. D123 returns device 123 description.

B Variables

something with Icons???

all other =

Returns content of said variable