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It's purpose is to import the contacts from Microsoft Outlook in LinuxMCE_telecom database.

The location of the installer for this tool is on "Orbiter Win Installers" page, available from login page in LinuxMCE-admin website, something like http://dcerouter/pluto-admin/index.php?section=orbitersWin

After installing the software, run it and in the address text box type the url of the LinuxMCE machine: http://[LinuxMCE_machine_address]/pluto-admin/outlook_sync/ and hit Update. A security question with a warning will be prompted, that the application try to connect to Outlook and ask permission to do that; please allow it to do so.

 Please be sure the URL is in format specified, including end slashes:

Once the sync is completed, all contacts from Outlook who have at least a phone number specified are imported in LinuxMCE_telecom database, and also the records from LinuxMCE_telecom with at least a phone number are imported in outlook.

The sync keep track of the origin of the record, so if a you change a record in Outlook and run the sync again, it will be updated in database too, but doesn't support "hybrid" records (added in database and changed in Outlook for example).

Update on 0.43 release (From Tinia):
I've tried to import Outlook contacts into LinuxMCE, but ran into problems following above instructions. Since I'm not sure if this workaround helps to all users, I'm writing this separate update. I had to change 2 things in my perception of above instructions to get it working on my Core:

1. I was mistakenly running Sync App alone (found under Start->All Programs->LinuxMCE->ImportContacts), but in my case running

"C:\Program Files\SCB\mysql2outlooksetup\mysql2outlook.exe" 

(there is corresponding shortcut named "Synchronize Outlook with LinuxMCE" in Start->All Programs->LinuxMCE )

2. I had to change




and then my contacts got into LinuxMCE's database.