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This page is a work in progress and needs expanding (14-3-2014 RayBe)

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To install the Philips Hue Bridge and its lights:

  • Setup the Philips Hue controller and its lights as described in the manual
  • Connect the Hue Bridge to the internal network of Linuxmce
  • On a Orbiter you will get asked if Linuxmce should use the newly found Hue Device, select yes
  • Now you get asked in which room the Hue-Controller must be setup, select any you want
  • Log into webadmin and find the newly added Hue Controller, its under Wizard -> Devices -> Interfaces
  • Click on 'Advanced'
  • Click on 'Follow log' in the top right
  • At this point Linuxmce is trying to add a user to your Hue-Bridge but can't because you didn't press the link-button on the bridge.
  • Look in the log if there is a line stating: 'Setup command failed. Reason to follow::link button not pressed'
  • Press the link-button on the Hue-Bridge and watch a Orbiter, you will get asked to reload the router.
  • All the lights which you did setup in the Bridge get automatically added to the Wizard -> Devices -> Lights section of the webadmin.