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This page is intended to outline the requirements for QOrbiterGen, a new version of the OrbiterGenerator that prepares a qml-compatible blob of data for initialization. We hope to outline the classes of objects that have specific commands so that we can form them easily into the format we need for the callback, making it as simple as possible for ui designers to have to remember as little as possible about code related variables.


  • user
  • location


Lighting Scenarios

  • Auto-generated
    • On : SendMessage? Lighting Plugin?
    • Off :
  • Custom Lighting Scenarios
    • Sexy Time
    • Club 54

Media Scenarios

  • Auto-Generated
    • MythTV
    • Videos
    • Audio
    • LiveTV
  • Custom Media Scenarios
    • internet radio

There are a large number of arrays that well also need to be defined in from pluto_media:arrays. Hopefully, the orbiterGenerator can work through those in an efficient manner. More to come.