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Review Board

Review Board is a system for reviewing changes to a repository before submission. Typically when one person is to make a change to the repository, they will post a submission to Review Board, and tag the people who they feel the change will impact so that they can review it. The project's official website is


  • Everything in context
  • In line comments on diffs
  • e-mail notifications
  • easy to use interface


Review Board is web powered, supporting Firefox 2.0+ and IE 7+. Several other browsers are known to work too.


From the review-board site:



Every user gets a dashboard, which displays the list of outgoing and incoming reviews. You'll never miss a review request again.

The dashboard is customizable. Columns can be rearranged, new columns can be added and unwanted columns can be removed. The dashboard can be sorted using two-level sorting.

Detailed Reveiw Requests

Review Request

All the information on a change is available at a glance. Authors can modify the information quickly and easily through the web UI. Screenshots can be added and commented on.

Review requests can be created through the "New Review Request" page, or updated through the post-review tool on compatible revision control systems, making it easy to file new review requests.

Powerful Diff Viewer

Diff Viewer

Diffs are no longer something you just read. Now you can interact with them, commenting directly on the lines you're reviewing. The comments, along with the lines of the diff, will appear on the review.

Keyboard shortcuts make it easy to jump around the diff. For example, pressing "n" will jump to the next changed chunk, while "p" will jump to the previous.

To improve readability, we display syntax highlighting in the diff and show the changes within a lines in a "replace" block.

Every revision of a diff is stored. This allows the user to look at any revision of the diff and also to see the differences between revisions. This is especially valuable when there are several iterations of large diffs.

Inline Diff Comments

Inline Comments

Reviews of code are made in the Comment dialog on the diff viewer page. Clicking a line or a comment flag will take you here, allowing you to comment on the review. Comments can span multiple lines, and these lines will show up in the reviews.

Review Dialog

Review Dialog

Edit and publish your review from the Review dialog, accessible any time you're working on a review. You can see all your comments made across all diff revisions and screenshots and, when you're ready, you can publish the review.

Contextual Discussions and Reviews

Discussion with Context

You already know that comments can be made directly on lines in the diff. Following that contextual model, we display discussions, comments, and lines of the diff inline on reviews. This allows people to read top to bottom and know exactly what people are talking about.

We even display clips of commented regions of screenshots!