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710 Unknown N/A N/A
810 works 5th October 2010 Foxi352
1004 works 1st January 2011 Foxi352
1204 Unknown N/A N/A
1404 Unknown N/A N/A
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RoamingOrb is a touch orbiter port for iOS using the lightweight touch orbiter concept based on the proxy orbiter plugin. It uses the same techniques as WebOrbiter 2.0. The app is available through the official Apple app store.


Installation is done the same way as any other app.

  • Connect to the app store
  • Search for the app "RoamingOrb"
  • On the description page click on "Free" to install it



Firstly, make sure that you have generated a Web Orbiter 2.0 in WebAdmin. Some users have reported more success with the Basic skin and iPhone resolution than any other skin or resolution. RoamingOrb requires two values to be defined before it can be used. To input these values, use the Settings app on your iOS device and go to the subsection titled "Roaming Orb" There are several different versions of these values. If you would like to use the Orbiter over 3G, then you must enter the public IP address of your CORE (the one assigned to you by your ISP) and open the orbiter's listening port on any firewalls between it and the core (this includes the core's) If you would just like to connect through your local network, input the cores local IP (usually and the listening port defined by your Web Orbiter.


Please note, this is not a full Orbiter with media playback capabilities. It only has the same remote control features as the WebOrbiter 2.0.