Samsung PN-51E 5-Series

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Usage Information


  • General info
    • 51 inch
    • Plasma
    • 1080p capable with lmce

Equipment Needed

  • RS232 interface using 'DB9 to 3.5mm Stereo' cable [1]

Display Setup

  • Configure the following:
    • Enter Maintenance Menu: Press 'mute 1 8 2 power' buttons quickly
      • Set Control>Hotel Option>Hotel Mode to ON, then power off and power on.
    • Enter OnScreen Menu: Go to Picture>Picture Options>Size and change to Screen Fit. (this will fix overscan issues)

Creating a Template

  • Create a device template using RS232 communications.
    • Set the Comm Port Baud to 9600
    • Set the Comm Port on PC to correct one
    • Set the Comm Port Parity/Bit/Stop to N81
    • Select the Uses Group/Codeset to 2005 Samsung Plasma

This should get you going. I've only utilized Power On and Power Off.

Please talk to us to get this template committed. --Tschak909 19:16, 15 January 2013 (CET)