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LinuxMCE Home Software Sections

These sections of the documentation explain the individual software modules in detail: how to use them, configure them, and program them.

Because the software modules in LinuxMCE are provided by the LinuxMCE team and a community made of independent programmers and document writers, the software modules are divided into two main sections: one for the ones written by LinuxMCE, and the other for those provided by the community.

Software written by the LinuxMCE developers

  • Core Programs
  • Libraries
  • Utilities
  • DCE Devices and Plug-ins

Software written by the community

Since independent programmers are welcome to make contributions, LinuxMCE also hosts the following sections for 3rd party modules:

  • Plug-ins
  • DCE Devices and Utilities

LinuxMCE software components index

DCE Router

User's manual
DCE Router Programmer's Guide
Mobile Orbiter
LinuxMCE Kick-Start
LinuxMCE Orbiter Symbian
BD - Bidirectional command processor
RA - Client/Server Request-Action
LinuxMCE Libraries DCE
Pluto_main database
Orbiter Generator
DCE Generator
DHCP Plug and Play
LinuxMCE Scripts
Do I want a dedicated Core?

LinuxMCE DCE Devices

Bluetooth Dongle
LinuxMCE App Server
LinuxMCE Disk Drive
LinuxMCE GC 100
LinuxMCE MythTV Player
LinuxMCE Xine Player
LinuxMCE Asterisk
LinuxMCE Mozilla Plug-in
LinuxMCE MythTV Plug-in
LinuxMCE Standard Plug-ins
LinuxMCE Xine Plug-in
Media Identifiers
Bang & Olufsen Systems
CX88 Blackbird Drivers