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Hey Phenigma,

I have not been able to get UI1 to work either. After orbiter generation, I can play media for this first time then it will freeze. This happens consistently a few minutes after booting up.

did you have to do something special to get UI1 to work?

Cheers, Adriel.

I have done nothing special with my EeeBox B202 and I have never had a problem getting it to work with UI1. UI1 works perfectly for me every time I have installed, which is > 2 dozen installs. There was a time that I had to add the network driver to the initramfs but I don't believe I've had to do that in some time. Make sure you are using the latest BIOS for you B202, there used to be a an incompatibility with some of the B202 BIOS that would cause systems to lock up after <20 minutes of operation. Your problem sounds unrelated to orbiter. Check out all of the DCE device logs and xorg logs, etc to see what is happening on your system /var/log/pluto/* phenigma - 20 Dec. 2010

Thanks - BIOS updated did the trick for UI1 :-)