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I recently bought a second hand central unit with this mobo, and I am having quite a harsh time trying to get it work correctly. It may not be related to linux though, maybe the card, the processor or the video card is/are just faulty. I have regular freezes on start up, even on a live cd Do you have any suggestions about specific bios settings?

I have kernel panics, non human readable MCE, etc. Usually, if I soft reset one two three times, it finally start, and it works fine then.

After updating the bios (from "built-in" to 1101 version), it does not freeze anymore when started on a IDE hard disk (only live cd).

If of any interest, I will give more thorough informations about these kernel messages. My config:

Power: ADVANCE Thermocontrol & noise killer model ATX 5000

RAM: corsair VSB 1GB 667D2 G (tried with new ram, did not do any better, and memtest says this one is fine)


Nvidia 7600 GS

Ubuntu 10.10 kernel

Thanks for any help !!!!!!!!