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Public share w/ single file

MediaFire Link #6 is missing so the whole MF is pointless, it'd be better to remove and replace with some less lame free sharing like MegaUpload etc. This is plain lame: it;'s not only splitted but you have to download 5x100MB only to figure out it won't work because the loser sharing site couldn't maintain the next file - this is utterly lame, period. MegaUpload etc might be somewhat annoying with their 30-60 sec queueing but at least those links WORK (even if it's gone you will realize it immediately, not only after you've wasted 15 minutes with downloading several 100 meg parts, capped around 2-300kB/s...) T2k

Found which *might* support 1GB file size over ftp. Uploading, 2 hours to go.T2k 12:45, 2 April 2007 (MST)