Telecom Scenarios

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Telecom Scenario Admin Page

The telecom scenarios are grouped by room. Whenever you enter a room with the mobile orbiter, or choose a room with a regular orbiter, you will see a button for each of the security scenarios you created for that room. Telecom scenarios are used to operate phones and phone books. LinuxMCE telecom features has a much more detailed description of the entire LinuxMCE telecom feature set.

Add a Number to Speed Dial

Add Speed Dial Admin Page

To add a phone number to speed dial, click the 'Add Speed Dial' button next to the room you want the number to appear in. You will have the option of selecting an active phone to use to call the number. It is suggested that you pick the phone in the room you have selected to add the speed dial to. It is important to remember that after adding new speed dial numbers, you will have to reload the router in order for the orbiter to regenerate and for the new speed dial information to be available.

If you want this scenario to do something besides just control telecom devices, like maybe turn on some music too, then first use this wizard page to specify the settings, and then click "Advanced" to go to the Advanced Scenario editor. That advanced page is a bit more complicated, but it allows to add any command to the scenario--not just telecom control.