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TouchOrbiterQt is a reference implementation of Touch Orbiter using the Qt framework.

Source code is in SVN.


apt-get install subversion build-essential libqt4-dev

Warning: TouchOrbiterQt fails to compile under 0810 because the Qt version shipping with it is old. It compiles fine under 1004 though.


svn checkout
cd TouchOrbiterQt





  • Server address

The address used to connect to your Core's web server (can include a port number after a colon if needed).

  • User, Password

You need these only if you set up HTTP authentication on your core.

  • Use SSL

Tick this to connect via HTTPS instead of HTTP.

  • Proxy

If you tick the "Use a proxy server" box, you configure the proxy details in the fields below. The "User" and "Password" fields here are used only if your proxy server needs authentication.

  • Device number

A web orbiter is actually made of two devices. The Generic Web Device and its child, the Generic Proxy Orbiter. The Generic Proxy Orbiter is the one that shows up in the "Orbiters" page. That's not the one you want. You want its parent. You can also get this number from the Query String if you go to /lmce-admin/weborbiter.php and select your Web Orbiter from there.

Warning: if you get this wrong, the scripts will give you a 404 error without additional explanation.

  • Enhanced UI

If this is ticked, you'll get the overlay elements. If it's not, you'll only get the plain Touch Orbiter.