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UpdateMedia is a daemon that constantly scans for media files in the /home/public and each /home/user_xxx folder which is created for each family member, and any media is added to the Pluto_media database, File table, and attributes and cover art go into the Attribute and Picture tables. Under /home/public and /home/users_xxx is a data subfolder which contains the actual video, audio, pictures folders. The /home/user_xxx directories themselves will contain system files for each user, like email boxes, and the main login for that user. That's why there's a 'data' subfolder.

You can start/stop the UpdateMedia daemon from a console with this command:

/usr/pluto/bin/UpdateMediaDaemonControl.sh -enable|-disable


There is helper script fixDVDKeys.sh, located at the /usr/pluto/bin/fixDVDKeys.sh that extracts DVD CSS keys for each ripped DVD if the DVDCSS library is installed. This can significantly speedup the first playback of such DVDs, because the necessary keys will be already extracted. Additionally, this script can warn you if some keys cannot be extracted from the ripped DVD image (usually this means you cannot rip this DVD image directly - and should re-rip it with the latest version of LinuxMCE - post-beta4, so extract keys during the ripping). This script can be executed from the console:


Additionally you can pass to the script the name of folder - keys for all *.dvd files in that folder will be extracted

/usr/pluto/bin/fixDVDKeys.sh /mnt/device/125