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Who is Daballiemo

Daballiemo is:

  • living in the Netherlands,
  • male and born in 1965,
  • busy with linux (and espec. Ubuntu) since 2005 as a hobby,
  • still trying to combine his 2 hobbies (Motorcycle driving and LMCE) which btw is not a good idea ;-)


Han (aka Daballiemo on IRC)




Foxconn nT330i

Audio: 0d8c:0103 C-Media Electronics, Inc. Turtle Beach Audio Advantage Micro (USB audio the following /root/.asoundrc setup):

pcm.softvol {
   type            softvol
   slave {
       pcm         "cards.pcm.default"
   control {
       name        "Master"
       card        0
# Then define the new device as the default
pcm.!default {
      type             plug
      slave.pcm       "softvol"

Here I will put my setup shortly

Things I want to research in the future