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my current configuration: (work in progress at the moment)

System Specifications:

Satellite Setup

  Antennae: 2 x 60cm eliptical
            2 x 60cm Starchoice
       LNB: 4 x Standard LNB
            2 x quad LNB (starchoice)
    Switch: 1 x Emp Centauri 9x8 Multiswitch
 receivers: 1 x Starchoice PVR-530
            2 x Starchoice DVR-505
            3 x Starchoice DVR-300
            1 x Nokia DBox2 (Thanks to Hari)

Camera Setup

IP Cameras: 3 x GS1600H Outdoor Day/night 
            1 x GS9403 Pan/Tilt
Curently connected to ZoneMinder Server



Motherboard: 1 x nVidia 680iSLI
       Case: 1 x 4U Rackmount
        CPU: 1 x Intel Core 2 Duo 6600
        RAM: 2 x Kingston  KVR667D2N5/1G (2G)
    Optical: 1 x Samsung SH-S183 sata (DVD RW)
         HD: 1 x Seagate ST3320620AS 320GB sata
        GPU: 1 x nVidia 7600GT 256MB
      DVB-S: 1 x Twinhan VP1022A
      DVB-S: 1 x Twinhan VP1020A
         OS: 0710 64bit
Primary App: linuxMCE Core/Hybrid
  Interface: Insteon PLM on ttyS0

server (development)

Motherboard: 1 x nVidea 680iSLI
       Case: 1 x 4U Rackmount
        CPU: 1 x Intel Core 2 Duo 6400
        RAM: 2 x Kingston KVR667D2N5/1G (2G)
    Optical: 1 x sata DVD
         HD: 2 x Seagate ST3320620AS sata
        GPU: 1 x nVidia 7600GT 256MB
      DVB-S: 1 x Twinhan VP-1020A
      Tuner: 1 x PVR-150 MCE
         OS: Kubuntu Feisty 7.04
Primary App: Server / development core
  Interface:CM11A X10 Computer Interface on ttyS0

Media Director 1(Fiire Engine)

      Tuner: 1 x PVR-150 MCE
         OS: Kubuntu Feisty 7.10 64bit
Primary App: LinuxMCE MD

Media Director 2

System Name: Fiire Station (1")

   Display: 24" 16:9 flat panel
  location: Bedroom

Media Director 3

System Name: Fiire Station (2.2")

   Display: 68" Samsung DLP
  location: Living Room

Media Director 4

System Name: Compaq

Primary App: PXE linuxMCE Media Director

Media Director 5

System Name: another box

primate App: PXE LinuxMCE Media Director

Media Director 6

System Name: Digipos

         OS: PXE Ubuntu 7.10
Primary App: Frontend (media Director) UI1



System Name: Laptop (Dan)

Motherboard: Dell Inspiron 9300
        CPU: Intel Centrino 2.13Ghz
        RAM: 512MB
         HD: 100GB
         OS: Ubuntu 804 32bit
 DVD Burner: built-in
        NIC: 10/100TX/802.11g/Bluetooth


System Name: Laptop (wife)

Motherboard: Macbook (Intel)
        CPU: Intel Core Duo
         HD: 100MB
         OS: OS X Tiger
        RAM: 512MB
    Optical: DVD / CDRW combo
Primary App: Wife's Workstation
             Mythfrontend (mac)

Other Systems


System Name: PS3
         OS: YDL 5.01
         OS: game-os (standard)
Primary App: Upnp Client / child's nexopia.. ;)
System Name: Xbox360 Elite
Primary App: sitting there collecting dust 

Work machine

System Name: Development (Dan)

Motherboard: MS-6380E
        CPU: AMD XP2200
        RAM: 2G
         HD: 2 x ST3200822A 200Gb
Primary App: Development (collecting dust)


System Name: IBM

Motherboard: NetVista
        RAM: 1Gb
         OS: Ubuntu 6.10
Primary App: ZoneMinder 1.22.2 Server
Primary App: workstation

===Broken Media Directo System Name: DigiMatrix

         OS: PXE ubuntu 7.04
Primary App: Frontend (media Director) (currently broken)

Orbiters/Remote Controls

 HP Ipaq 4150
 2 x Fiire Chief Remotes

Home Automation

 INSTEON everywhere.
 Insteon RemoteLinc Black Suede
 Venstar T1800 Thermostat with INSTEON Module
 Simplehomenet EZBridge
 Simplehomenet EZRain Sprinkler Controller
 Simplehomenet EZIO8SA I/O board
 Simplehomener EZX10RF (for legacy X10 controllers, motion sensors, etc)
 Smarthome Insteon Software Developer's Kit
 Plethra of older X10 equipment, some still being used
 X10 wireless Motion Sensors (Hawkeyes)